University of Leeds School of Mathematics
Liverpool University Mathematical Sciences
University of Warwick Mathematics Institute
London Mathematical Society
American Mathematical Society
arXiv Preprint server
Mathworld A huge collection of information on maths
The Journal of Singularities Top singularity theory journal


A ruled surface sculpture A surface I spotted in Rio de Janeiro
Julian Beever's pavement drawings Pavement drawings from an interesting perspective
Bathsheba Grossman Maths and other sculptures
Random Thoughts from a Random Fellow Includes online sing surf drawing package


Bill Bruce
James Damon
Peter Giblin
David Massey
David Mond
Maria Ruas
Marcelo Saia
Farid Tari
Mihai Tibar
More to follow! I am adding them as I need them.


Dilbert Modern management antics.
Basic Instructions You will learn!
xkcd A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.


Leeds University Library
British Library
Alibris Second hand books
Abebooks Second hand books


Iain M. Banks
Neal Stephenson and an older site.

Maths Talk

My talks for schools

Other Sites

TED Great video lectures - far better than TV. Don't know where to start? Try the shambolic genius of Lennart Green or see Tom's hand in JJ Abrams's talk.
Flickr Interesting photographs
National Train Timetable
John Peel Sessions, Festive 50, etc.
Be a genius Improve your mind
New Scientist Top science magazine
Currency converter
Royal Society
Local docs Local access only
Bad Astronomy An excellent site and excellent book. See also the author's blog entry on Science Fare. Sums it all up!
Leeds Webcams