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  1. Compressed Manifold Modes: Fast Calculation and Natural Ordering Preprint April 2015

    Thirty meshes with local support Abstract: Compressed manifold modes are locally supported analogues of eigenfunctions of the Laplace-Beltrami operator of a manifold. In this paper we describe an algorithm for the calculation of modes for discrete manifolds that, in experiments, requires on average 47% fewer iterations than the previous algorithm. We show how to naturally order the modes in an analogous way to eigenfunctions, that is we define a compressed eigenvalue. Furthermore, in contrast to the previous algorithm we permit unlumped mass matrices for the operator and we show, unlike the case of eigenfunctions, that modes can, in general, be oriented.


    Code, meshes and figures



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  27. Equisingularity of families of hypersurfaces and applications to mappings Michigan Math. J. 60 (2011), 289-312. pdf Contains an equisingularity result that cuts the number of invariants "needed" and shows the importance of non-contractibility of complex links of strata. Updated from April 2007 to include justification of a step no one seemed to believe.
  28. Topological Triviality of Families of Singular Surfaces with R. Callejas-Bedregal and M. A. S. Ruas, Preprint Nov 2006 pdf
  29. Equisingularity and The Euler Characteristic of a Milnor Fibre Preprint July 2008. Submitted. pdf Finally! A general result on "μ*-sequence constant implies equisingularity".
  30. Vector fields liftable over corank 1 stable maps with Daniel Littlestone. Preprint May 2009. Submitted. pdf An explicit description of the vector fields liftable over corank 1 stable maps from n-space to (n+1)-space. See also my Valencia talk.

My Ph.D. Thesis is available in postscript form. Most of it appeared in the first paper above.

Some Singularity Theory Talks

Valencia 2009: Vector fields liftable over stable maps
Aarhus 2009: Computing with stable corank 1 liftable vector fields from n-space to (n+1)-space
São Carlos 2010: Vector fields and classification