I'm a mathematician working at the University of Leeds.

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I have three books available: Details can be found on my books page.

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I'm also doing the usual academic tasks of writing papers, reviews, grant applications, etc.

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I have appeared on and have been interviewed by the Guardian, the Times and BBC online, as well as contributing a blog post to Times online.

Was I the inspiration for a character in a Brazilian soap opera?

Was I the inspiration for a character in a Brazilian soap opera? My wife has a friend whose father, Marcílio Moraes, writes soap operas for Brazilian TV (Isn't that the the coolest job in the world?) The main character, Miguel Campobello, of his Vidas Opostas, is mathematician, who gained his PhD in Britain and who is a lecturer. Sounds suspiciously like me! Was I the inspiration? The synopsis of the novela was on the show's web site (it finished in August 2007 - most Brazilian soap run for 18 months rather than years like they do in the UK). The first line was:

    Vidas Opostas vai contar a história de Miguel, um jovem milionário, considerado gênio da matemática, que passou os últimos cinco anos fazendo doutorado na Inglaterra.

Translated this is:

    Vidas Opostas is the story of Miguel, a young millionaire, considered a genius in mathematics who has spent the last five years doing a PhD in England.

Oh wait, I'm not a millionaire and I'm not considered a genius. It's not me after all...